Terms and Conditions

Ways to Order
All services are provided in the form of pre-orders; nevertheless, if you need a vehicle immediately, we are usually able to provide a car within 20 minutes. Orders can be made online through our website, where your account is automatically created, then by email or by phone.

Customer Responsibilities
The Customer is obliged to behave during transportation according to the driver’s instructions and to follow transport safety regulations. The Customer acknowledges that he has been advised of all circumstances, including safety regulations, prior to transportation. The Customer also undertakes not to harm in any way the carrier’s facilities and to maintain tidiness of the vehicle. When breaching these obligations, the Customer is aware of the responsibility for the damage that is caused by his/her actions to the Company or the ordered carrier.
The Customer is also obliged to board transport within the agreed time unless the objective reality prevents him from boarding the transport on time, for example for the reasons mentioned above.

Shuttle Service Details

Our service is a shared service – we pick up passengers at different locations.
  • Multiple passengers can also share the minibus, in which the transfer can take up to an hour.
  • Shuttle transportation is secured daily from 7 a.m. till midnight; during other hours, we run only private transportation.
  • Transportation of standard luggage is included in the fare; in the case of additional luggage or outsized luggage (e.g. bicycle), we suggest ordering a private transfer.
  • Should you be the only one to order transportation at a given time, we will drive you directly to your destination without any stops (transfer to the Prague city centre takes about 30 minutes).
  • Terms and Conditions Validity
    These Terms and Conditions are valid for an indefinite period starting from 1.9.2014. In the event of changes to these Terms and Conditions, which are reserved by the Company, the Customer is considered to be bound by the Terms and Conditions in the version valid at the time the contract was signed, or the valid order was sent or placed.

    Customer Service
    24/7 Prague Airport Transfers Services
    company: Orange Transfers
    phone: +420 776 337 800
    email: info@247orangetransfers.com
    An easy way to make your reservation.

    Reserve your vehicle of choice as soon as possible. Take andvantage of our on-line resevation system or place your order by phone. If you need to use our services immediately or in the early hours of the morning, please contact us. Immediately after requesting your order you will receive an email of confirmation with instructions.
    How to pay.

    You can pay in Czech crowns, US dollars, British pounds and Euros. If you book a return transfer you can pay our driver the full amount for both trips - from and to the airport. Of course, you can make a one way payment and pay for the return trip on your way back. The driver will give you a receipt of your payment. If you decide to pay by bankcard, please make sure that we accept that particular card. You can also pay via the internet.
    Important contact.

    Turn on your mobile phone as soon as your flight lands. If you cannot locate the driver, contact us immediately so that we can resolve the problem. In case of a prolonged wait for your luggage we would kindly ask you to inform our task dispatcher or the driver waiting in the arrival area.